Need a fix? At Sundance Marine Services we offer everything from winterizing and electrical repair to trailer maintenance. We're here and ready to get you back off solid ground.



At Sundance Marine Service we offer a comprehensive winterization program. Our service not only prepares your boat for winter storage, but provides a thorough inspection of your boat. When spring arrives, so does boating season. Having Sundance Marine Service ready your boat for the upcoming season helps ensure a mechanically trouble-free summer. 



When the time comes for engine service and repair, Sundance Marine Service has the experience to get the job done correctly the first time. Whether you need a tune up or a major repair today's engine can be a complicated machine that you want only the well-trained mechanic working on. At Sundance Marine Service we have the latest training on EFI engines as well as the equipment necessary to perform diagnostic procedures. For boat owners with carburetted engines, our ability to trouble shoot between the carburettor and an electrical problem can shorten the time that your boat is out of service.

We install new gasoline engines from Indmar, Marine Power, MerCruiser, Crusader, PCM, and more. Increase fuel efficiency, power and reliability by repowering to the latest engine models. We also rebuild and service old engines, and replace manifolds, risers, seawater impellers and pumps and exhaust systems.

drive repairs

At Sundance Marine Service we offer repair service for your inboard transmission as well as your stern drive gear case. Sundance Marine Service is an authorized Velvet drive service center.   We also service ZF, PCM, Paragon, and Walter V-Drives plus others too. When your Volvo Penta or MerCruiser sterndrive needs service Sundance Marine Service has the skill and equipment to provide the highest quality repair. Preventive maintenance of your Transmission, V-Drive or Sterndrive, also is key to your drive service: proper shaft alignment and regular oil changes and inspections are all included as part of our high quality preventive maintenance program.

electrical repair

Electrical, fuel and ventilation are areas that require an understanding of how marine systems are different from automotive systems. Your electrical, fuel and ventilation systems are designed specifically for boats. At Spokane Sundance Marine Services, keeping your boat systems safe and functioning correctly requires the skill and expertise of a trained and knowledgeable boat repair and service specialists. Especially when adding equipment to your boat, consult the experts at Sundance Marine Service.


At Sundance Marine Services, we can remove and install propellers, driveshafts, struts and rudders. Used and damaged ones are repaired if possible, or replaced if necessary by new components.

Need help deciding what size or pitch prop you need? Changing transmissions or repowering? Sundance Marine Services can help determine the perfect size and type of prop based on your specific engine and transmission specifications, to give you the best fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Driveshafts, struts and rudders, like propellers, can become damaged or bent. At Sundance Marine Services, we make sure the component is straight and true.


At Spokane Sundance Marine Services, we are an Authorized Warranty Service Center for Indmar, PCM, Velvet Train and Marine Power.

We are trained and certified to service all makes and models, and we take care of all Warranty work, tune ups and Repairs as needed.

trailer maintenance

Nothing is worse than having to leave your boat and trailer on the side of the road because you have a flat tire or a wheel bearing failure. Having your trailer wheel bearings cleaned, inspected and repacked is the best way to prevent a major failure. Sundance Marine Services offers spare tires and mounts to fit most boat trailers.

Another item that should be checked regularly is brakes. Making sure that your brake fluid is clean and filled is very important. Also on drum style braking systems, having the brake shoes adjusted periodically helps improve and shorten stopping distances.  

Bring your trailer in, when you have us do the winterization on your boat, and Spokane Sundance Marine Services can do a yearly trailer service at the same time.



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Looking for a specific part? Call us today and if we don't already have what you need, we'll do our best to help you track it down.